Adam Alonzi

balla Mercury Passing Before the Sun (Mercurio transita davanti al sole), 1914 Giacomo Balla

Ascending from a long childhood in which symbols were as real as the objects they represented, humanity is now facing a dark and daunting adolescence. It is no secret Plato and Socrates had religions quite unlike those of their fellow Athenians. Shankara’s sublime Advaita Vedanta has as much in common with the more vulgar varieties of religion on the Indian subcontinent as the Mystery Schools of antiquity had with the faiths of the serfs. It is because the priests and sages of Greece, Rome, India, Persia and Egypt knew men of bronze could not handle instruction from men of gold. The end of hard idols has given rise to rampant disillusionment and confusion. Their replacements have come in the form of substantially more insidious materialist cults dedicated to the acquisition of particular objects of reputed importance or the…

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